First Step Nursery Plumstead

About Us

There are 2 entrances into Elmgrove point building. The nursery entrance is to the left (directly opposite the train station), making access easy for parents.
We have gone to fantastic security length installing a video door entry intercom system to ensure that proper screening is carried out on anyone before being allowed into the building. On entering with your child the door shut securely behind you, not only will this guarantee that only those permitted in the nursery will get in, this system will also prevent our children from being able to exit without an adult present.
We have installed CCTV outside the premise, inside the classrooms, hallways and playground. This allows us to keep an eye on any issue that could potentially arise with a handful of children in one room.
We have installed state of art fire alarm system and have sufficient, easy escapes for everyone inside, ensuring drills and fun practices are completed regularly.

The extra Mile
Safety is clearly of paramount importance; we have thought of every aspect from non-slip flooring, self closing fire doors, finger guards and door stoppa to protect the children paws.
We have in place a state of the art air conditioning, ventilation and heating system, thereby maximising comfort in all weathers. In all our rooms and  in the entire building.

Play Area
We are lucky to have space beside (Left side) the nursery which is enclosed within the compound. Bearing in mind the importance of play in the development and learning of children, we will raise a higher fence by the wall and develop the outside space into a soft tiled and artificial grass styled playground thereby creating an interesting outside play/ learning area of our children.
For security purpose there will be a higher fence (Wooden or metal) by the existing wall and a CCTV installed as to ensure the continuous safety of our children in the play ground.
The play ground will have direct access to all weather condition which is essential for the children development and learning.